Apollon Naxos Cyclades_70x100cm _oil on canvas_Matzakos Peter 2002.jpg.jpg
  • Apollon Naxos Cyclades_70x100cm _oil on canvas_Matzakos Peter 2002.jpg.jpg
  • Broken boat drawing_50x70cm_coal project  on paper_Matzakos Peter 2005.jpg.jpg
  • Anthony_50x190cm_acrylic mixed media on canvas_Matzakos Peter 2010.jpg.jpg
  • The old steam ship _21x295cm_pencil on paper_Matzakos Peter 2008.jpg.jpg
  • Ship carcass 6 _70x100cm_acrylic mixed media on canvas_Matzakos peter 2005.jpg.jpg
  • City view4_90x120cm_mixed media on mtf_Matzakos Peter2000.jpg.jpg
  • City view9_90x120cm_acrylicmixed media on mtf_Matzakos Peter 1999.jpg.jpg
  • ship against the light_32x24cm_watercolour on paper_Matzakos Peter 2008.jpg.jpg
  • City view13_21x30cm_mixed media on paper_Matzakos Peter 1999.jpg.jpg
  • City view15_100x150cm_acrylic mixed media on canvasMatzakos peter 2002.jpg.jpg


The Old Man

The creation of "The Old Man" painting

Music: Kostas Xristodoulou

Music Video

Music Video 2

Music video created by....

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Art en Capital 2011

Petros Matzakos participated in Art en Capital 2011, that took place in Paris 22nd to 27th of November.


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